Two Canyon Loops Trail

Two Canyon Loops Trail – Easy to Moderate Hike (mostly easy)

Two Canyon Loops Trail (not its official name) encompasses a number of different trails.

Starting from the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve parking lot head east to Homestead Trail. This trail descends easterly towards the Seymour River and eventually meets up with the Fisherman’s Trail.  Fisherman’s Trail is a flat multi-use path and great for a simple walk. From here turn right or south and continue on Fisherman’s Trail to Pipe Bridge. Continue on to the Baden Powell Trail, cross the main road and continue North to Twin Falls Bridge. From this point, it is no longer a multi-use path and more care to proper footing is advised.(still easy though). You can pit stop at the ever so popular, free, Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge, (not my cup of tea on the weekends!) or bypass it all together (if you’re  a local and have seen it plenty of times) and proceed to the 30 Foot Cliffs. There you will witness all kinds of people jumping from cliffs into the pools below. On a hot summer day it will be busy and crowded. From here you will ascend a series of stair cases that will bring you eventually to the Pipeline Bridge. Make your way to the along the  multi-use path back to the parking lot.

Our total round trip time around Two Canyon Loops  Trail, with the kids and our chihuahua Remi,  at very easy pace was 3 hrs . I added the moderate level to the hike only because of some of the ascents and steep stair climbs. Otherwise it’s a fairly easy hike that could be completed in half the time by a reasonably fit person.

two canyon loops trail

This is what a Chihuahua looks like after a 3hr Hike.

This hike is great for covering a lot of ground and viewing  Lynn Canyon from different vantage points.

It is once again a reminder how simple it is to get out there and enjoy the outdoors and especially how lucky we are to have these trails our doorstep.


Fisherman's Trail -Two Canyon Loops Trail

Seymour River view from Fisherman’s Trail. (Click on Pic for Map Link)

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