Mystery Lake, Seymour Provincial Park, March 17, 2015

Mention Mystery Lake and so many will say “I used to go there as a kid or teenager”! There’s no wonder why!

It’s a great little hike with the kids and the fact that need to clamber and scramble a bit throughout the trail bodes well for their coordination and confidence. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s an easy hike, that’s well marked, short and sweet.

Seymour Mountain

From the last parking lot up on  Seymour Provincial Park, walk toward Mystery Peak Chair. You will see a sign post indicating all the directions for many trails. From this post, walk to the right of the Mystery Chair and past a small pond, that’s also on your right. You’ll see the trail head. (No sign is there to indicate it, but your on the right track)

The kids always enjoy small foot bridges and we cross a few along the way to the lake.
3/4’s along , you’ll cross Unicorn ski run, nothing indicates it, but knowing the mountain (skiing) , you know it.

Seymour Mountain, Mystery Lake

We run into a few people along the way, many, like ourselves with their canine companions. No surprise really, it’s gorgeous up there and the lake is so quaint. At this time of the year still frozen (barely) and of course, snow and mud both around the lake and on the trail.

Seymour Provincial Park, Mystery Lake

The Whiskey Jacks made the kids day, they couldn’t believe how eager they were to meet and greet them. Amazing what a little granola can do!

All in all, a great hike, perfect when you have time constraints and just what to get out! Will definitely return in the summer, but curious how crowded it will be!

Another great day with the kids!

Whiskey Jacks


  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 3 KM
  • Elevation:1056 M to 1208 M
  • Time: 1:25 min return.
  • Type: There and back
  • Season: Typically from May to October
  • Dogs Allowed: Yes

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