Lions Binkert Trail August 16 2014

Here are a few snap shots of our hike up the Lions Binkert Trail.

Hiking in Vancouver, Lions Trail

Washed out Bridge on the Trail

Fauna of the Pacific Northwest, Lions Binkert

Lions Binkert Fauna

Maple Leaf

Lions Binkert Flora

Giant spider web.

Spiders Anyone?

Soaked in at the Shoulder of the Lions

Shoulders of the Lions




Resting at almost the top of the Lions

Lunch on the Shoulders.


Our day up the Lions Binkert Trail was definitely damp and socked it, but for me it’s more about being in the backcountry and feeling refreshed for it. The physical challenges and health benefits are also a huge motivator, but just being out in nature is really what it’s all about.


It took us 4 hours to reach the Shoulder of the West Peak of the Lions, that was at a steady pace with a couple good stops for food and water. It was a very wet and socked in day, so reaching the peak was not worth the risk.

It is also worth mentioning that the rope to continue to the West Lions Summit was missing, making the small descent to continue on, even more precarious. The East Lion is in watershed area and is a prohibited area.

Round trip, the 16 km hike took us 7.5 hours to complete. The descent as always is a lot tougher physically, but well worth it.


There are two ways to get to the Lions, either from the Cypress Mountain or Lions Bay. We ascended via Lions Bay. Park at Sunset Drive if possible and get there early (especially on the weekends) as there is only approx. 8 spots to park legally. Otherwise drive down the hill a short distance to find parking. We did see parking tickets issued for those parked outside of  designated area. $50 bucks is not worth the extra couple minutes of walking, plus a crappy way to end the day.

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