Mount Fromme Summit, Hiking in North Vancouver.

Mount Fromme, Thursday, December 11, 2014.

Look to the right of Grouse Mountain and what you see is the lesser known Mount Fromme.

We decide due to the expected weather (storm) , that doing a more forested, less exposed hike makes much more sense.
The trail head (Arran decides on) begins at Dempsey and Braemar, with a handy parking lot to accommodate at least 6 cars.
Beginning at this location presents a mix of multi use trails consisting of biker only, hiker only and or both. This  labyrinth of mountain bike trails is extensive and without Arran’s comprehensive knowledge of the area, admittedly confusing. Nonetheless, with Arran as the guide we start the hike. 09:00.

Vancouver hiking trails

We begin with the Dempsey Trail and weave along until it intersects with the Baden Powell. Following the B.P. until  St. Georges, ascending quite steeply until hitting the Grouse Mountain Service Road . A short distance later and we reached the beginning of the Per Gynt Trail. 09:49.
Per Gynt (click for map link)is relatively easy, with a steady grade and before long converts the hike from the realm of the bikers to the hikers.

By 10:22 we had reached the 950M mark and well on the way to reaching the top. The hike was pristine as expected, with parts of the old growth still intact. Fortunately, but mostly unfortunately free of snow.

11:00 and at the summit.(approx.1185M) You get a great perspective of all the local mountains. Lynn Creek and Peak to the east, Grouse to the west and even a peak of Burnaby to the south.

North Vancouver Trails

Dreamweaver's Cool Signage


After a quick snack and the fact it started sleeting on us, we were off. Making our way down exactly the way we went up except we altered the route by taking The Executioner Trail off the Per Gynt and then hooking up to Dreamweaver.

North Vancouver Trails, Mount Fromme Trail

Next junction we head east onto St. Mary’s and follow along to get back on the Dempsey and complete the hike.

4 hours, exactly and roughly 10km later we are back to our cars.

Another great day on the trails, the weather held off until we reached the summit and then it rained on us the whole descent, but we knew it was coming anyway .

Mount Fromme admittedly wasn’t next on my “to do list”, and now I question why? Just goes to show again, how lucky we are to have such an endless amount of options!

North Vancouver Trails, Mount Fromme summit












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