Cypress Falls Park, Hiking in West Vancouver

Cypress Falls Park, December 21, 2014.

I had read about Cypress Falls Park and I was eager to set out with the family to check it out. Being that it’s a year round hike it would certainly do for a December stroll.

Daniel, Remi our Chihuahua and I, had the previous week made an attempt to see the falls, we not only fell short of time, but also took the trail that runs East of the Creek. This route runs tight to the cliff sides and  I had to be extra careful with Daniel. I knew something wasn’t right as the readings were that it was family friendly and at some points the trail left little room for error. Either way Daniel had hockey and we had to turn back. Nonetheless it was still fun and we had recce’d the site for another shot at it, hopefully sooner than later.West Vancouver Hikes, bc hiking, family hikes, vancouver trails
So a week later we returned, this time with the whole family in tow. With the lessons learned from the previous week we stayed left on the trail and ascended a stair case within very short distance of the start of the trail.
This time the trail made a little bit more sense in regards to the “family friendly hike” I had read about. The trail was open and easy, with no steep cliffs sides.
Within 40 min or so we were greeted with a really cool waterfall. Everyone was impressed by the power of water and the roar it produced.

A little footage from our hike to Cypress Falls Park.

Cypress Falls Park

Cypress Falls Park
Cypress Falls Park is well used by dog walkers as it’s an off lease area.

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We were back to the car 16:10 making it a round trip hike of 1 hour and 20 minutes.The trails in the park are well worn, but not very well marked, and because of this the option of trail routes are multiple. There are trails that follow low and some that stay high. At the end of the day we followed the creek and stayed the course. Using a map was a little difficult, only because there are so many variances in the park trails.
(Speaking of Maps I’ve left a link on the word Map to check out the map that I’ve been using. I bought it at MEC for 15 bucks and it’s well worth it. It’s water proof, rip proof and super detailed. A definite must.)
Cypress Falls Park is a great walk with the family, with its big timbers, ferns and lushness, gives the sense of just what it is, An Ancient Forest.
Cypress Falls Trail Summary
Rating: Easy
Distance: 3KM
Elevation Gain:130 m
Time Needed: 1.5 hrs Out and Back
Season: Year-round
Dogs Allowed: Yes



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