Hanes Valley Trail via Lynn Headwaters Trail

Tuesday October 28, 2014

Hiking through Hanes Valley Trail was the plan for the day! It’s Fall in Vancouver and rain is, as we all know, is part of the deal.

I personally enjoy the challenges and the added sense of adventure of hiking in the rain. Of course, footing and approach is so key to keeping safe in wet conditions and out in the backcountry it’s obvious why you’d need to be focused on the trail and making sure not to make mistakes.

We (my good friend Arran and I) met up at the  Grouse Mt.,  dropped his car off and drove my car to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park.

08:30 we set off, Lynn Loop is a multi-use trail, that already was quite busy with dog owners and their happy canines. Following North along Lynn Creek, the trail eventually connects to the Cedar Mills Trail. After about 2.3 km’s Cedar Mills Trail connects and carries on as Lynn Headwaters Trail. It is here that things will start to get difficult. At this time of the year, for the most part, l felt like we were hiking through a running creek bed. Care and attention is a must, but it’s hard not to look at the the beauty surrounding us. The Giant remnants (stumps) of Old Growth Forest on this trail are amazing. It really makes you think about our local history and how vibrant the logging industry was in early 1900’s.

Giant Stump On the Lynn Headwaters Trail.

Lynn Headwaters Trail eventually ends up at a junction. Norvan Falls and Coliseum Mountain to the East and our target Hanes Valley to the West. I will add that the signage on the entire route has been upgraded and well laid out. 

Lynn Headwaters Trail signs

Great Signage on the Lynn Headwaters Trails.

Excited about the next leg of the hike, we start the decent on the Lynn Headwaters toward Hanes Valley.  I guess in hindsight, it should have been more apparent that are excitement would be short lived. We’ve had a lot of rain! Lynn Creek is raging right now and there was no safe way to cross it, which is required to proceed into Hanes Valley. The crossing which is over a log jam was overcome by powerful currents and quite frankly nor I or Arran were into making headline news. We recce’d above and below the log jam for other possible crossings but it  was an absolute no go.

A little disappointing, but I guess maybe we should have known better. So after a quick discussion, we decided it was too early to end the day, so we doubled back to the junction and proceeded toward Lynn Lake. The Lynn Lake Trail is a steep, rooty and quite technical portion of the trail and the fact that it was extremely wet, only compounded the difficulty. The descent as always,was especially difficult in these wet conditions.

We reached the Coliseum Creek Crossing and once again were stopped to a grinding halt. The creek was totally impassible and as stated on my map, “Route possible only during low flow”, this would definitely ring true. We had no choice but to turn around and head back.North Vancouver Trails





We didn’t get to hike Hanes Valley or go to Lynn Lake, but we both agreed it was still a great day out and a solid 5 hrs of being outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer. One thing about hiking at this time of year is the diversity of mushrooms and growth. I’m not sure why I’m so fascinated by it, but I can’t help but marvel at the shapes and colours of our local fungi and flora. Some of the species out there were truly incredible.

IMG_3516North Vancouver HikingIMG_3535

Lynn Headwaters Trail

North Vancouver Trails

North Vancouver Trails




  • Cos says:

    Great site Din! didn’t know you like to hike we go to Baden Powell trail sometimes. We should go hiking sometime! Site looks great as well!

  • Brian B says:

    Excellent website! Hiked Hanes Valley from McNair Drive yesterday. Full loop was 25 km in total. Was my first time and was not let down. Fantastic hike and the trail was in great condition. No issues crossing Lynn Creek, or any other. Took 5 hours to get to chalet on Grouse and then just under 3 hours to return via the access road and bike trails.

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