Black Mountain/ Eagle Bluff via Sunset Beach Trail


Monday, November 17, 2014.

We (Arran, Erin, Jesse our canine companion  and I)  met at Caulfeild Village Starbucks at 07:30, and after a quick hello, set off.  We drove our cars to Nelson Canyon Park and then piled into Arrans’ car to drive to the Sunset Beach Trail head. The objectives for the day, Black Mountain Summit through  Yew Lakes and then on to Eagle Bluff  and finishing at Whyte Lakes.

One word to describe Sunset Beach Trail, STEEP. It was definitely a quick awakening at 08:15 in the morning and for about an hour there was little comfort in looking up. Our pace was brisk and I would venture to say, that for the average person, the 975 M elevation gain would take a little longer.

Before long though, the trail levels off and we find ourselves in the type of forest that makes you completely forget about our  proximity to the city. Green lush moss, old man’s beard, big timbers, and sweet meandering creeks.

Cypress Provincial ParkContinuing on we reached the Cypress Mountain Ski area/ Yew Lakes and how cool it is, to be outdoors and see skate marks out in the middle of the smallest ponds. Another reminder of how lucky we are to live where we live.

Cypress Ski Area

We proceed to take the Interpretative Trail through Yew Lakes and hook up to the Baden Powell,destination Black Mountain.

But first, a must, a quick pit stop at Cabin Lake, another beautiful spot along way.

Cypress Provincial Park


Cypress Provincial Park

11:10 we reach the Summit of Black Mountain and we are greeted with a gorgeous view, with glimpses  of The Lions and surrounding  mountains. The Whiskey Jacks are also a sweet surprise.(to me only as Arran and Erin were completely expecting them). Let’s just say they were expecting us and if not us whoever may be behind us.

Lions from Black Mountain Summit


Cypress Provincial Park,Black Mountain/ Eagle Bluff via Sunset Beach

Next stop Eagle Bluff, and by 11:50 we were once again blown away by the sheer beauty that surrounds us. With views as for as you can see, Mt. Baker standing proud and prominent and the City with the Strait of Georgia in the near distance, what a treat! Pictures can not do it justice.

Cypress Provincial Park

We relaxed for a bit, ate lunch and soaked it in.

Whyte Lake Trail was our next destination, (one too that I’ve been looking forward to take the kids, so this would be a good chance for a recon mission). The descent is steep, rocky and quite technical in some spots. In fact at one point a mini slide occurred just adjacent to the slope we were on. Not a welcoming sound considering position we were in.Cypress Provincial Park,Black Mountain/ Eagle Bluff via Sunset Beach

Whyte Lake turns out to be a perfect spot to take the kids and a great finish to an unbelievable hike.(It’s an easy hike, from Nelson Canyon Park)

Arran is really great at coming up with these amazing trail routes and this hike was no exception.With its perfect combination of difficulty (great workout), eco-diversity and rewards in the multiples, it was the makings of a  fantastic day!

Beauty, Thanks Bro!!

0815 -1400/ 6hrs 15min

Cypress Provincial Park


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