An Ordinary Guy, Doing Ordinary Things, In Extraordinary Places.

An Ordinary Guy, Doing Ordinary things, In Extraordinary Places.

I’ve always had a love for the outdoors, but it was during my time as a Wildland Firefighter here in BC, that I acquired a true passion for it. The occupation itself was one that I adored, but it was the opportunities it afforded me that were truly special. We would find ourselves in the most remote of places, only accessible it seemed by helicopter. Flying into mountain ranges far from civilization, getting dropped off, (sometimes overnight) and deal with putting out lightning caused fires. It was fantastic, majestic, intense and always awe-inspiring.
Often after extinguishing a fire, we’d be faced with long hikes out to where a helicopter would be waiting for us. It was during some of those hikes that I gained a love for trekking and exploring the forest. There were times where we truly felt we were the first people to ever step foot on that forest floor. Massive cedars, untouched vegetation, pristine forests, never logged. BC is truly an amazing place and I was fortunate enough to see a lot of the Province not only by foot, but also by air.
So years later, I’m still firefighting, but now in the Urban Setting, have a great family with young kids and now finding the time to go back and start exploring again.

It’s no secret to any of us here in Vancouver how truly blessed we are to live in this City and especially how fortunate we are to live in British Columbia. This site is meant to highlight our vast landscape and to embrace how fun it is to explore it.

Thanks and be safe!

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